We help organizations transform into a global company that can harness its unique potential to serve the world
We help organizations transform into a global company that can harness its unique potential to serve the world

H-CAP is a business partner that supports organizational transformation.

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We facilitate the evolution of an organization so it can reach its full potential and serve the world in its own unique capacity.
We listen to the voice of top management and the organization, and help re-invent itself into a “true global company.”

What do we mean by “true global company?” We envision a global company to be a vibrant and adaptive organization that can develop, nurture, and harness talent in any global and economic environment.

Just like people, we believe that companies have the ability to adapt and grow, both financially and culturally, by facing and overcoming challenges presented by the changing market.
We recognize that each organization is different. Each company has its own unique personality and strengths which can be described as corporate culture. We help leaders understand their unique culture and learn how to work with it in order to bring out the full potential of the organization and its people. This will lead to a higher engagement level of the people and thus naturally lead to increased profitability.

Our mission is to work with clients to realize such organization so that businesses and its people contribute to society with passion and joy.


Brand concept

H-CAP brings to light the wisdom embedded in the corporate culture.

Our logo is the letter H surrounded by a hexagon. This hexagon represents the crystalline structure that gives vibrancy to all life. To us, it symbolizes a concept which we most value; fairness. It also represents the concept of six degrees of separation; meaning all people and things are connected to each other within 6 steps, and through their introduction, we connect to the wisdom of the whole world.
The letter H symbolizes the human and humanity that is the core of organizational transformation. (Also, in Japanese, there is a word pronounced “eichi” or “H”, which means deep wisdom.)
Based on these concepts, we mainly focus on the relationships and connections between people as well as the relationship between the group and its people. By paying close attention to these relationships, we assist clients in building robust and dynamic organizations supported by its people. Management will see a completely different business landscape will be able to make more focused strategic decisions for its future.



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