Message from the CEO


Our wish is to have top management functioning
at its full potential to lead the growth and evolution
of the organization in a balanced and healthy way.

Human Capital Advisory Partners Inc. CEO

Yumiko Shito

In a world described as VUCA (V=Volatility, U=Uncertainty, C=Complexity, A=Ambiguity), the underlying issues facing today’s companies are becoming more complex and more difficult to anticipate.

In such world, to engage in business as a “true global company”, (in other words, be able to develop, nurture, and harness the talents of the people in any environment and economic circumstance) we believe that the following 3 elements are essential:

1)Clearly defined management vision which is shared throughout the organization

2)Cultivation of a highly engaged and productive corporate culture

3)Ability of management to evolve and change its mindset and perspective based on the context of the situation

We have observed over and over that when the above three elements come together and are integrated, what seems like a miracle can occur, and the speed of transformation increases dramatically.
Unfortunately, this change cannot be realized with quick fix strategies proposed by external parties or with wishful thinking from top management.
The current state of the organizational culture must first be made transparent. Each individual will then realize his or her involvement in contributing to this state. Only when they recognize their involvement, they will be empowered to change the situation. By the time the coaching sessions are finished, these individuals will have the means to consciously and continuously contribute to the evolution of the culture.

We invite you to think of organizations as living organisms, with its own thoughts and wishes, independent from that of top management, but strongly influenced by them. When we imagine this, we face the following challenges:

Aligning the thoughts and energies of the organization and top management

Cultivating a productive and engaging culture that will encourage free and open communication and a dynamic team environment

Bringing transparency to the activities of management and generating results from their actions.  (We see top management as some of the important and influential “organs” that control and regulate the “living organization.” Imagine the heart as the Chairman as he/she is the “essence” of the group. The CEO can be analogous to the brain as he/she is the main intellectual strategist and directs the rest of the cells in the body. Their thoughts and actions will greatly impact the remainder of the organization and if their health fails, the rest of the organization is in jeopardy.)

We will work together with management to overcome these challenges and provide them with the tools needed to steer the organization in the VUCA world.


Yumiko Shito is a successful business executive who founded H-CAP in 2013 based on her understanding of human nature and people management obtained during her career as an executive of several global companies.
Through her experience, Yumiko realized that in order to secure the future of the company, one of the most important roles of management was to improve the overall team dynamics of the organization as well as harness the potential of each individual.

Prior to founding H-CAP, Yumiko served as Morgan Stanley’s COO of Corporate Services Japan and Information Security Officer of APAC and Japan. She was also responsible for opening the Japan office of Insignia Japan (Currently CB Richard Ellis Japan) and served as the Representative Director (Executive Director) for 4 years. In addition, Yumiko spent 12 years in Manhattan, New York working in the commercial real estate industry learning about global leadership and management from some of the top executives in the industry. She also has substantial understanding of the Japanese market through her experience at Mitsui Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. (Currently Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd.) in Tokyo.


President of :

International Coach Federation Japan Chapter

Member of :

International Coach Federation Global

American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
(Member of Women in Leadership Committee)

Japanese Academy of HR Development

Associate of :

International Positive Psychology Association


University of Texas at Dallas, Naveen Jindal School of Management /
Management and Administrative Science - Organizational Behavior and Coaching (MS)

State of University of New York / Business Management (BS)